Welcome to the Clinton Covered

Arena 14730 Hwy 10

3.8 miles east of Clinton

Welcome to the

Clinton Covered Arena

14730 Hwy 10

3.8 miles east of Clinton 

Riding Membership List - Congratulations!


Austin, Julie and Mark

Booker, Kristin

Booker, Minta and Rodney

Boyette, Gerald and Trudy

Browning, Bettye Ann & Marc

Bunch, Hollis and Jackie

Causey, Brooke

Causey, Trad

Cummings, Shannon and Ricky

Delee, Meredith

Denicola, Mike and Stacy

Eiland, Kim

Farmer, Cherie

Foster, Lance and Angela

Genola, Rusty

Hargrave, Kristen

Harp, Anna

Hawes, Sharon

Hays, Marsha & Tommy

Hemmer, Anna

Hornbeak, Anne

Hutchinson, Jack

Hutson, Debbie  

Jenkins, Carley and Marty

Junot, Tracey

LeBlanc, Mel

Ligon, Rob and Heidi

Lowe, Doug and Denise

McCrary, Cody 

Morris, Josh and Tara

Morris, Lisa

Morris, Susan

Newson, Katie

Parnell, Dustin and Mikki

Perret, Michele

Raxter, Carolyn

Rheams, Jason and Tracey

Richardson, Emily 

Robertson, Holly 

Robertson, Tim and Laurel

Robinson, Angela

Rogers, Jack & Belinda 

Rojas, Mandy

Runless, Eugene

Rushing, Matt

Scroggs, Phil

Seals, Chris

Smith, Debbie & Dean

Spurgeon, Liz

Stamboulieh, Emily

Stone, Penny

Walker, Neely

White, Al


Williamson, Brittny

Yenni, Carmen

Yglesias, Mike


Upcoming Events

Tuesday, Dec 11 at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Wednesday, Dec 12 at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Thursday, Dec 13 at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM