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Welcome to the

Clinton Covered Arena

14730 Hwy 10

3.8 miles East of Clinton 

FAARM - Feliciana Agricultural and Recreational Marketing Group

Feliciana Agricultural And Recreational Marketing Group

Where we have been:

 The FAARM organization was formed in 1996 by a group of East Feliciana Parish citizens who were interested in creating a place for residents to hold public events.

 In 1996 FAARM reached a corporative endeavor agreement with the East Feliciana Parish Police Jury to allow the FAARM organization to use 20 acres of land located on Highway 10 east of Clinton to build a multi-purpose facility.

 In 1996 state grant money was obtained to purchase the building.

 In 1998 state grant money was obtained to erect the building.

 In 2007 grant money was obtained from the Pennington Foundation which allowed for construction of perimeter fencing, panels for an arena, gutters & drains, and purchase of a tractor and implements.

 In 2009 Marc Browning got involved with Clinton Arena determined to make it a facility that could be used by the people of the parish as opposed to a vacant building. Under his leadership the riding membership was formed and the Clinton Arena Play Days were created.

In 2010 state grant money was obtained which allowed for construction of a toilet facility and sewer system. It also allowed for construction of an arena sprinkler system.

 Private individual donations assisted in obtaining additional necessary equipment for operation. The riding membership fees covered the maintenance costs of the facility along with volunteer labor.

The first official event was a horse show at the Clinton Arena sponsored by FAARM on 10/23/2010. Since that date we have held additional shows to benefit the arena and also to draw in community involvement.

From 2010 to 2014 Clinton Arena became a functional facility with a promising future. The riding membership continued to grow and the facility started being used regularly by the membership. We added bleachers in 2011 and 2012, interior and exterior lighting acheived thru grants and private donations in 2012-2013, a sound system acquired by private donation, a permanent pen installed during the summer of 2014 paid for by membership funds and private donations, and we received a donation of 300 tons of sand from Dolese to improve the arena surface in the summer of 2014.

Marc Browning retired from the board in the Fall of 2014 after acheiving his final goal of the installation of the permanent pen which allows the arena to be open for all types of livestock events. Under his years of leadership the arena went from being a closed structure to a fully functional facility which can hold events day or night and is used on a regular basis by the riding membership.

The arena is now under the leadership of Mr. Trad Causey and with the help of his board they are continuing the growth of the arena and expanding the use of the arena to include organized groups putting on shows in the community. They also hope to move forth with additional fund raising to continue to advance the facility.