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Welcome to the

Clinton Covered Arena

14730 Hwy 10

3.8 miles East of Clinton 

Welcome to the Clinton Arena Website!

The 2021 Riding Membership form is available online on the Forms page.

Clinton Arena members now book their own riding time online after being approved, paid in full and registering online.

Please note that the Riding Membership Annual Fee is now $200.00

If you are an existing member from 2020 and have an online registered account to be able to book riding time on the website calendar you have until January 25, 2021 to be paid for 2021.

After January 25, 2021 the existing account will be deleted if not paid in full and booking privileges will be suspended.

To continue with riding and booking privileges please submit your membership signed form with your $200.00 payment for 2021.

This is the first time we have raised the cost of the annual membership. Please note that the increase in cost is due to overall increases in maintenance costs.

We appreciate your ongoing support and want to remind everyone that this is an


are counted on to help keep the facility open and ready for use.

We will have 6 work days this year. Please make plans to attend at least one. It takes all of us to keep the arena up and running in good repair.


We currently have FAMILY riding memberships available - Sign up today and have use of the covered arena all year!

You can join at ANY time in the year!

A riding membership is $200.00 per calendar year and allows you and any member of your immediate family (in your household under the age of 18) to ride your horse under cover in any kind of weather! A great benefit - like having a personal covered arena in your own backyard! Practice barrels, poles, reining patterns, western pleasure or just school your horse in a safe environment. Support your community and benefit yourself by joining today!

The riding membership is designed for you and your immediate family. Please note that if someone rides with you they need to join and have their own family membership or pay a guest fee of $10.00 in 2021. The arena is supported by the membership dues so everyone who uses and benefits from the use of the arena needs to join to support the arena and help keep it open!

You can call or text 225-405-5133 for assistance on membership or call or text 225-931-7751 for all other inquiries or needs.

We do not charge members for use of the lights - it is part of your membership fee.


Thanks again to all for your membership and participation. It is what allows us to keep this facility open for all to use!!!